What if we could love ourselves entirely?

What if we could love ourselves entirely? What if, even just for a moment throughout our day we could thank ourselves for something that we accomplished? No matter the feat – we got up today, we showered today, we brushed our teeth today, we called a loved one today, we cut the grass today, we let ourselves cry today, we laughed today, we ate today.

What if we smiled at ourselves today? How might these small moments change our day? Here is as a poem by Hollie Holden that touches upon these questions:

“Today I asked my body what she needed,
Which is a big deal
Considering my journey of
Not Really Asking That Much.

I thought she might need more water
Or protein.
Or greens.
Or yoga.
Or supplements.
Or movement.
But as I stood in the shower
Reflecting on her stretch marks,
Her roundness where I would like flatness,
Her softness where I would like firmness,
All those conditioned wishes
That form a bundle of
She whispered very gently:

Could you just love me like this?”
Hollie Holden

​When I see this poem, I see a poem about self-love. This poem embraces our everyday thoughts – ones that represent our feeling of “Never-quite-right-ness.” But Hollie Holden reminds us that “Never-quite-right-ness” is okay; this is what makes us whole and who we are. This poem makes me feel accepted – just as I am. I live a busy lifestyle – as many of us do. I catch myself at times being overly critical.

As I take a look at my weekly To-Do list, I start to prioritize and keep in mind the things I need to accomplish. Will I be able to do it all? What happens if I cannot complete all I set out to? Am I good enough if I don’t complete everything on the list? Then I take a moment. I take a moment to pause – a moment to reflect. A moment to accept that I am okay, and that whatever I do will be enough today.

I challenge you to take a moment of your day to acknowledge something that you did today. Perhaps this feels strange, perhaps you feel unworthy. So what – we didn’t check everything off the list. So what – we have imperfections. So what – we are our authentic selves. Ask yourself today to take a moment of gratitude and appreciation.

My way to bring in gratitude: For me the first step is setting the scene. This to me means that I have dim lighting, a loving and comfortable chair, and little background noise. Maybe I want to put on some comfortable socks – something that makes me feel cozy. Then I like to explore my aromatherapy drawer. Jasmine, lavender, rose, patchouli – all tickle my nostrils in one fell swoop.

My favorite is lavender. It soothes my soul and bring me an inner sense of calm. I take just a droplet of it and place it on my wrist and on my neck. I get comfortable and practice some deep breathing. After about 10-15 minutes I feel refreshed. This has taken practice! Don’t get me wrong, my mind wanders, but I softly ask myself (in a nonjudgmental way) to bring my thoughts back to the present moment. Think of what works for you, perhaps you would like to give this a try.


Written by: Allison Ravech